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What Is Dianabol?
Dianabol is a powerful and popular anabolic steroid, and it was the first steroid developed specifically for athletes. It provides huge gains at the start of cycles and helps athletes overcome plateaus in the middle of their cycles. While there are some side effects associated with Dianabol, users can mitigate these with responsible use. 
Facts and Figures: What You Need to Know about Dianabol 
  • Dianabol is a bulking agent and is therefore best for kick starting a bulking cycle or hurdling mid-cycle plateaus that often plague experienced users. 

  • Dianabol has the potential to help users pack on as much as 30 pounds of sheer muscle in as quickly as three months when used for no more than eight weeks as part of a complete cycle. 

  • It stacks best with injectable steroids like Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin, and Equipoise. Beginners may pair it with Sustanon-250 for a milder experience. 

  • It does not stack well with other oral steroids because there are few synergistic benefits but an increased risk of significant liver damage. 

  • Many people will not respond to Dianabol only cycles. However, the steroid amplifies the positive effects of paired injectable steroids, making it an indispensable product for many athletes and bodybuilders. 

  • The maximum recommended dosage of Dianabol is 50mg per day for no more than eight weeks out of every 24. The higher the dose, the fewer the number of weeks. For example, someone using a 25mg/day dose may experience no adverse effects when using it for as many as eight weeks. Conversely, someone using 50mg/day may experience better results by sticking to only four to six weeks. 

  • It is necessary to combine this steroid with testosterone supplements. Dianabol is a derivative of testosterone that works on the same part of the brain, but without the same effects. As such, the body stops producing testosterone soon after introducing Dianabol into the body. Low testosterone brings with it a host of side effects, so supplementing negates these effects and makes the steroid safer. 

  • Dianabol converts to estrogen within the body. While men naturally produce some estrogen, too much causes side effects like gynecomastia and even testicular atrophy. Aromatase inhibitors (such as Arimidex) stop the conversion, reduce the amount of estrogen in the body, and thereby mitigate the potential side effects. 

  • This steroid is available in both an oral and injectable form. Both have equal liver toxicity and strength, though hardcore users prefer the injectable steroid, claiming that it provides more energy when taken prior to a workout. 

  • Users can take an entire daily dose of Dianabol at once, typically 30 minutes before a workout, in order to experience a full-on energy rush to help them power through strenuous workouts. Otherwise, they can divide the daily amount into two or three daily doses to experience a more stable source of energy. 
Dianabol in History 
During the Olympic Games, Dr. John Bosley Ziegler suspected Russian athletes of taking chemicals to boost their performance. As such, in 1958, he created Dianabol and distributed it to Olympic athletes. Shortly thereafter, he realized Dianabol's ability to boost strength, stamina, and muscle mass significantly. In fact, many athletes and bodybuilders, including actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, used Dianabol to achieve amazing results. This continued until the official committee for the Olympic Games began testing for steroids and the US Congress added Dianabol to its list of controlled substances in the late 1980s. 

Anyone who wants a powerful steroid that has proven its ability to produce gains of 20 to even 30 pounds in just a few weeks will fare well with Dianabol. When used as recommended, Dianabol's side effects are rarely severe and are often not bothersome enough to cause users to stop taking it. 

Anabolic steroids are commonly known for promoting both muscle and strength gains. They are also considered as great products for fighting body fat gains and reducing the existing fats. Anabolic steroids are also proven to give a positive effect on the mental state of a person, increases the general sense of well being; increases mental capacity, and increases physical and mental energy.

Dianabol is one of the anabolic steroids that are popular and most commonly asked about. Whenever you go to a message board, you will always find topics or questions regarding Dianabol steroids. And most of the time, people who are interested in buying Dianabol are the ones who are searching and inquiring about this product. For the past years, these anabolic steroids are under criticism and a wide array of misinformation is reported as facts. There are unpleasant experiences happened because of the misguided truth to people.

Understanding the uses and benefits of Dianabol is an important factor that each people who wishes to buy steroids like this must be considered.  Every Dianabol review must state facts on what steroids are, how they function and their benefits. When you buy steroids like this, you have to check if it is a complex steroid or a simple one.

Dianabol’s official chemical name is methandrostenolone. Some of its common names including its brand names are Danabol, metandienone, methandienone, Averbol, and D BOL. Before it has been banned by FDA, it is widely used by the bodybuilders for muscle mass and strength increase. As one of the oral steroids, it belongs to the anabolic steroids C17-aa class and is toxic to the liver but it not as toxic as other non-steroidal medications. For those who want to buy Dianabol but in a supplement form, you have to take a look at its features first. The 2 main ingredients to take note are Belizean Wild Yam Extract and Tribulus Terrestris. Tibulus Terrestris is one of the most popular natural builders of testosterone. However, other sources claim that there are no such clinical studies that are listed on the Hi-tech website to prove the claims.  On the other hand, Belizean Wild Yam Extract is typically used as the natural supplement for erectile dysfunction. This product item is not totally linked to weight loss from any points.


  1. In terms of benefits, Dianabol as one of the steroids provide numerous advantages to the users. These are proven by some previous customers.
  2. Increased strength – continuous taking of this supplement will discover tremendous increase in their strength.
  3. Increase muscle mass – if the calories have been consumed for growth promotion, Dianabol enhances this growth. It is common for a person to gain weight for about 20 pounds in several weeks from the moderate doses of this hormone. But of course, some of their weight gain is by water weight but the larger portion is the lean mass.
  4. Increase recovery – by using Dbol, people can easily recover and heal which in turn, leads to a more efficient and active athletes.
  5. Preserve lean tissue – strenuous trainings and activities can destroy the mass of the muscles. Thus, taking Dianabol enables the body to protect itself from stress and pressure.
  6. Enhanced metabolic activities – through Dianabol steroids, a person has the ability to gain lean tissues while gaining less amount of fat. Once a person builds lean tissue, he has to consume more calories than the amount he burns, but most of the time it leads to fat gain. By using Dbol, he can have better use of  calories and remain fat at bay.

But bear in mind that these over the counter medication may lead to adverse reactions. These side effects can be gynecomastia, high blood pressure, water retention high LDL cholesterol, liver toxicity, testicular atrophy, low HDL cholesterol, and testosterone suppression. To get rid of these side effects, the first action you must take is to moderate the doses for a moderate period of time. Beyond duration and dosing, most of these reactions have been caused by the estrogen buildup because of the aromatase process. To combat the buildup, you will need an AI or aromatase inhibitor. It will inhibit the process of aromatase that prevents the estrogen buildup. By nature, AI will totally reduce the entire estrogen amount inside the body.

While aromatase inhibitors are useful, people should live healthily at the same time. If the body is not healthy, or if it has blood pressure, live or cholesterol issues, you can buy Dianabol which is also intended for the healthy male adults. Making your own way to various Dianabol review, you must be open minded in all information that you are going to learn. Your personal choice is greatly affected by the past knowledge stored in your mind so you have to choose wisely. Considering all the important aspects needed is recommended.